SVG Webinar With Chris Coyier

Photo of Chris Coyier

A few days passed at CSS Conf 2016 in Boston, I tweeted how we were in the company of SVG sovereignty - and it was indeed true. But missing from that was Chris Coyier, who has also made the infamous scalable vector graphic his raison d'être.

He has spoken at conferences about it, has discussed it on his show and ealier this year, released a book entitled Pratical SVG with the good people at A Book Apart. He's now conducting a free webinar with the help of your favorite ecommerce platform, Shopify.

As you know, there are many benefits to using SVGs, one of which is site performance and this will certainly be discussed. The webinar is happening Tuesday, October 11 at 13h00 EST (10h00 PST/17h00 UTC). All you need to do is register.