Satyr App: Prototyping With Performance

How many times has the internal conversation about performance resulted in finger pointing and veiled accusations hurled between designers and devs? Every time this songs plays, we eventually hear that refrain that designers should know how to code, among other hooks. But I just stumbled on this tool in a slack channel that I thought was mildly interesting: Satyr App.
Yes, this is another dummy image generator, but with great twists. Outside of the conventional tools you might expect from such a generator, it was this one feature that's of note: delays. You can infact specify a load delay, to attempt to replicate network conditions.

The above image generator URL has a network throttle delay preset of 3G - which they say is anywhere from 500ms to 3000ms. Along with a few other presets, you can manually set the delays from 1ms right to 60000ms.

Added to the delays, you can also create URLs for 4 image formats: gif, jpg, png as well as webp (support not withholding).

There are many other options available and worth consideration, but I find the network delays the most interesting, as they could offer some help to a prototyping designer on how to envisage one of the many bottlenecks a site/web app experiences.
Take a look at it yourself, and if you're looking for some additional functionality, you can also let them know. Try it out: Satyr App.