Web Typography & Performance by Helen Holmes

Instead of performance dictating design, how can we build great designs that are performant?

This what Mozilla's Helen Holmes asked us in the closing moments of her talk at the September 2016 View Source Conference by Mozilla.
This talk centred around typography fundamentals (which I appreciated), and performance -or- as much as could be packed in a 30 min presentation.


I never actually stopped to ask myself which was worse: Flash Of Unstyled Text or Flash Of Invisible Text. But when you simply stopped to think, it was clear: content is king. As such, the content is more important unstyled then invisible, clearly.
She speaks on both #ux ills, and the solutions devised when dealing with the now known bottle neck that are webfonts. Her talk was inspired bu a more detailed blog post she authored: Type Is Your Right. Either way, enjoy both.