A Cartoon Guide To Performance in React, by Lin Clark

Toronto’s FITC took place this past week. Of the scheduled talks was Mozilla’s Lin Clark and her Cartoon Guide talk on React Performance. Though I missed it, I located a video of the talk.
Whilst working on one of a few new projects on Firefox, one of which involved React, Lin Clark decided to deep dive in looking at ways of creating more performant React apps. This is what fuelled the talk under the CodeCartoon moniker: Cartoon Guide talk on React Performance.
The key was to bring some clarity to some of the fuzzy concepts around performance. Specifically, she looked at the React performance in around the render cycle. The talk was split into three parts:

  1. the basics of rendering in the browser.

  2. minimizing and batching DOM changes in the virtual DOM.

  3. what you can do to make React faster.

This video isn't from the Toronto talk, but from a few months prior at JSConf 2016 in Iceland. Enjoy.