High Performance Images Book from Akamai & O'Reilly

A book that has been in the works for sometime, has finally seen an official light of day. In a collaborative endeavour, Akamai Technologies and O'Reilly Media have published High Performance Images: Shrink, Load and Deliver Images for Speed.

An early draft saw a PDF release, that then lead to a raw edit of the print version released at Velocity Conference, Santa Clara 2016. I quickly scooped a personal copy I dug into the following weeks.

Here in Toronto, we proceeded to announce a meetup around the release of the book, and a general conversation surrounding the topic.
The low hanging fruits of the performance tree - images - have always been deserving of a book. The complications surrounding their management, from formats, to compressions and ultimately delivery, is one that can't be overlooked in a world of low powered phones and even lower data caps. Akamai assembled a sextet of it's own staffers (at the time) to create the ultimate guide in understanding images and how to manage their strengths and shortcomings - format by format.
The authors of the 300 some page tome - Colin Bendell, Guy Podjarny, Tim Kadlek, Nick Doyle, Yoav Weiss and Mike McCall are all very well conversant in the performance parley (and superstars evidently). Throughout the book, we are guided down an in depth discussion on how to handle images the best way possible, keeping users in mind at all times. Again, the stats don't lie: images are approximately 64% of the avg page's weight - by far the greatest slice of the pie. And as the greatest area of weight, it's the greatest area of possible saving.
This book is available as a free download for a limited time: get it whilst you can from Akamai here.