SpeedPerception: Perceived UX of Web Apps in the Wild

perception challenge eye

A few months back, engineer Estelle Weyl announced a project entitled Speed Perception. As many of you know, performance is a dark art, but speed perception might possibly be a darker one. Although an inexact science, studies have been commissioned in attempts of deep diving into the entrails of speed perception, and answer questions like:

Can a single metric explain human choices with any accuracy?
Can visual metrics perform better than non visual metrics?

In come Estelle Weyl and - guess who? - Patrick Meenan of WebPageTest fame to help with the creation of a dataset for a such study of the end-users, and the perception of the above the fold load of web pages - essential to exemplary user experience. The study was conducted from July 28th until September 30th of 2016.
The open source project has released the 1st batch of results, complied by the good people at Instart Logic. The goal of the project, as indicated by the team is to "provide a quantitative basis to compare different algorithms and spur computer scientists to make progress on helping quantify perceived webpage performance."
Browse through the results, and the dataset is available for all to tinker with - and look for what I'm sure will be more findings to come.