Akamai's State Of The Internet: Q2 2016

internet connection

A few weeks back, Akamai Technologies released their quarterly State Of The Internet (SOTI) reports for Q2. Most interesting to me is always the Connectivity Edition. It outlines trends across the globe (by market) on connection speeds with some of the most juicy data coming from mobile, like the range of connection speeds across all markets, or even monthly data usage across the globe.

world data usage since 2011
This is the kind of data you should always peruse for a knowledgeable outlook on the world's connectivity trends and challenges, notably to keep an eye on these emerging markets, to where the performance conversation has taken a sharp turn - and with due cause. Consider this a window on the world, and no passport needed.
You can get the full Akamai SOTI Q2 report or the abbreviated infographic version direct from Akamai Technologies.