Adapting To The Mobile Web - Phones Hate You: Polymer Summit 2016

I know that mobile isn't everything - yet. It's about to be everything. Mobile is about to be all of computing, and if you go to emerging markets, it is basically all of computing. - Alex Russell

This statement was made inside of 3 mins, and Google's Alex Russell set the tone of the talk during the recent Polymer Summit in London.

We've persistently failed users on mobile devices. ... Collectively as a community, we are not succeeding on mobile. - Alex Russell

Another worthwhile admission coming from a Doubleclick study indicates: on average, sites take a whopping 19000ms to load. In a quasi alarmist tone, this is talk is essentially centred around the need necessity to design and develop for mobile performance.

The CPU that turns more power into heat, is the CPU that does more math. - Alex Russell

Alex moves on to explain the mobile phone's hardware architecture making a case that mobile performance is essentially a losing battle from day one - referencing a 2011 paper. He reminded us that heat dissipation is playing a very significant role in throttling - costing us as much as 15%. He further elaborates, referencing the mobile network conundrum and that 4G isn't really what it seems to be. Of course, Alex concludes his talk w/ a suite of solutions and tools by Google and how they support mobile peformance. A good watch.