LEARNING HTTP/2 by Akamai & O'Reilly

The web is going through a full blown transition, one full of technological advancements and regressions all rolled into one. How do we get the most out the spdy infrastructure and programming proficiencies available, whilst still dealing with the growing lowest common denominator which is quickly becoming the cheap handset? This is a balancing act that one needs to master soon or should I say, quic. A known hurdle had always been network latency. As a well discussed topic, Mike Belshe famously illustrated that more bandwidth didn't matter (much) and that many of the challenges out of our tooling hands were associated w/ the L word. This is just one of the scores of cases that developers have to deal with today - non-negotiable.
After nearly 20 yrs of using the HTTP/1.1 protocol, we are in full blown transition to httpbis aka H/2 or what is known as HTTP/2.0.
To understand the implications and walk us trough the details are O'Reilly Media and Akamai Technologies' Javier Garza & Stephen Ludin, and their preview edition of LEARNING HTTP/2: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE NEXT GENERATION WEB. And, guess what? It's a free offer as we type.
Your free copy is waiting for you at the Akamai site.