Measuring What Matters at EDGE Conference

As some of you knew, Akamai's EDGE Conference took place last week and featured a mix of talks over a few tracks for the business minded, web security sympathizers and of course the developer and web performance protagonists among the many this was intended for.
Of the many presentations that took place was Cliff Rocker and Buddy Brewer's Measuring What Matters. A great walk through a historical timeline of how we got to this current point in terms of measuring performance, highlighting significant moments and how they translated to today's ball of web twine. For example: Soasta's data showed 572 different browsers in use during a holiday shopping period a few years back. 572. It is a complicated problem.
Among the many advancements made were the introductions timing APIs which allowed for some key measurements and time stamps, to provide much of the information required to assess a SPA's performance needs. A great watch for those still unfamiliar with timing APIs, but also for a good overall understanding of measurements and how it can or will apply to your user's user experience.