What Slows You Down? Your Network or Your Device? by Moritz Steiner

This title was all I needed to dive in. I've been very bent on the idea that mobile is at the wheel. What was once the supporting act in the web, is now by far the lead - or co lead at the very least. The stats are out there. More and more engineers are making the case to lighten the load we're sending down the wire to the client for a myriad of reasons, but all performance related.
What Slows You Down? Your Network or Your Device? was a talk by Akamai Web Performance Foundry team member Moritz Steiner. The network bottle neck has been well parsed when it comes to mobile, but the details of the hardware bottlenecks are being probed with more frequency.
Alex Russell recently discussed this, and Moritz Steiner is providing reminders as to why mobile provides formidable hurdles:

  • memory management
  • script processing
  • painting, rendering

These among other items are all hurdles that are tougher to clear on mobile than on desktop, and he provides quick and easy proof diving into devtools. Does the network have some play in mobile issues? Of course, and even references a 2013 paper:

... the performance bottlenecks that limit the PLT (page load time) of modern Web pages are still not well understood.

But there are absolutely no doubts that hardware specs will always provide limitations, and Moritz Steiner provides some data supporting it. Although some classic takeaways were offered in closing, this is a good and quick watch.