2016 Performance Calendar Day 11: Is Performance still a thing?

Huh? For those in the know, you have heard of O'Reilly's Velocity Conference. It's a conference which is dedicated to web performance on a whole. This was conceived in the very early era of what was a very dark art and an even darker understanding of the concepts around it. Over time, the Velocity Conference adopted the Dev Ops community as well to round off the 3 day event.
At the last Velocity Conference in Amsterdam, it's de facto leader Steve Souders not only announced his departure from the conference he helped shape, but also announced that the performance components of the conference were migrating to O'Reilly's other property, the Fluent Conference (CFPs are open now as we speak).
A shock to many, but should it be? Performance, much like accessibility and even rap, has now gained it's due mainstream acceptance. Although the early years of web development saw no immediate need for it, 2016 has been a completely different story and Google's Alex Russel can quickly remind you of it.
Chatting amongst your peers will also give you perspective - from your peers. Essentially, if you hang out with 9 Beyoncé fans, you might just be the 10th one. But how do you get that 11th fan? And the 12th... and so on. Performance needed discussion outside of specialized events. The move to Fluent may just be the correct migration.
On Day 11 of the Performance Calendar, Andy Still discusses possible reasons for the fork in the road of performance discussions, and if performance is still a thing.