Book: Security and Front End Performance: Breaking The Conundrum

This past year, I was able to attend both the Santa Clara and NYC Velocity Conferences. Both times, I attended the talks by Akamai Technologies' Sonia and Sabrina Burney. Their talk was one where they made the case for the idea of keeping both security and performance in mind, but specifically in step with each other. Though seen as separate issues, Sonia and Sabrina Burney exhort that they are in fact under the same umbrella, and should be considered as one moving forward.

But if you missed the talks and or were never able to attend the last few Velocity Conferences, a version of their Security and Front End Performance talk is available as published eBook: Security and Front End Performance: Breaking The Conundrum. They explain the problems at hand, and how the simplest of third parties cause both performance and security issues requiring prompt attention.
Through the near dozen chapters, the case is made on possible consequences, the front end solutions and technologies available to us at present, beginning with the browser client, to deal with the challenges in future.
The takeaway will be that security solutions can be performance solutions, and vice versa. A must read in my books.
Go get your free copy (for time being I gather) Security and Front End Performance: Breaking The Conundrum by Sonia and Sabrina Burney. You can scoop up this O'Reilly Media book from Akamai Technologies.