Toolsday Podcast On Animation Tools with Sarah Drasner

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Animation grows in popularity for a host of reasons, and like all things - there are good ways to implement it, better ways and downright awful. And surprise surprise: there are performance implications.

A responsible web dev will make one decision for performance and stability and cohesive design and performance for fonts, and won't think about the same thing for animations. - Sarah Drasner

Discussing the above quote, renown SVG animation adept and special guest on Toolsday podcast, Sarah Drasner's discussion was laden with performance powwow - innocently seemingly. But it was - or should I say is - in effect a need-to-know that animations are deeply rooted in performance and, coded improperly, can be taxing to both the user experience and in many cases, the CPU.
Worries among many can be jank, repaints - red flags in poorly executed code. Sarah shares some of her tools and best practices during the show, highlighting what she also discusses in the Web Animation Workshop that she runs with fellow animation designer Val Head. In this course Sarah goes over what kind of animation to use, when and why, but also when and where they shouldn't be used in a web app.
And if you're also into books, she reminds us of the current availability of early chapters of her O'Reilly book: SVG Animations: From Common UX Implementations to Complex Responsive Animation - which you can pick up as we speak.

But I do think that not having to load another external resource is... super awesome. - Sarah Drasner

But to get back to the podcast, Sarah Drasner lists current and future technologies (like the Web Animation API she described with above quote), highlighting some of their strengths and weaknesses, planning animation, native, libraries du jour etc...

You can listen to Sarah and the good hosts of the Toolsday podcast here .