Lighthouse 1.5: The PWA Auditing Tool, Updated

Google lighthouse

Just about a year ago today, Google began to work on an auditing tool in support of their campaign for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and the tooling required to make them as lightning fast as possible.
In came Lighthouse. Although Lightouse was primarely conceived to "focus on Progressive Web App features, such as Add to Homescreen and offline support", the goal was and will still remain as a tool to "provide an end-to-end audit of all aspects of web app quality". With no need to mention, performance will be an integral part of the auditing.
As an open source project, Google has benefitted from great community contributions with as many as 128 PRs on this latest release of Lightouse 1.5.

Of the many updates:

  • CSS Usage Audit will provide a list of unused styles.
  • Optimized Images Audit provides protential savings of weight and timing costs.
  • Responsive Images Audit will report files which are poorly sized - one of the more common mistakes - and the assoiated cost of weight and time.

You can head over to Google and peruse the rest of the updates.