Android Now World’s Most Popular OS

Now, for the ppl who demand on parsing the title, the actual headline is specifically refering to internet usage. So in fact, the headline should read:
Android now world’s most popular operating system in terms of internet usage.

Android now world’s most popular operating system.
It has now officially edged Windows (see what I did there?) and taken control of the reigns worldwide. Why is this significant? Consider the following as per reported by Stats Counter:

  • The drivers of the growth? Declining PC sales.
  • The growth of smartphones use.
  • Asia.

With that said, there is no forseeable change of this very real vogue.

  • The emerging markets are interacting with the web - often for the 1st time - on mobile.
  • As the late Hans Rosling noted in his great doc, the demographic growth is happening in Asia and Africa, and less so in other markets.

So what are we left with? Real data that you need to develop for mobile with all it's functionality and fragility limitations. This is now incontrovertible proof, and a shift that is more pronounced by the day. You now have some who have mobile and use tablets in lieu of the desktop.
Better yet, both Samsung and Apple are in the midst of creating desktop docking options for when you need one - all revolving around the mobile device - essentially blurring the lines.

Apple iPhone docking station

Nonetheless, head over to Stats Counter to get the details. But I ask again:
where is your next customer coming from??