Marketing Campaign Landing Pages Are Heavier And Slower Than Other Retail Pages by SOASTA

Is this surprising?? The idea that a micro site for a one off campaign goes live w/o any regard for testing? Soasta's Mat Ball outlines the ways companies disregard the very fact and lists some statistics from the trove of data Soasta has immediate access to.

At SOASTA, we’ve found that landing pages for promotional campaigns load, on average, 30-60% more slowly than regular landing pages. - Mat Ball

A near 2/3 slower load times cannot be overlooked, despite the idea that it many not tell the entire story. But as I like to mention: most times, where there's smoke (slow load times), there's a fire if not glowing coals. Reasons? As per Mat:

  • page bloat,
  • an overabundance of tracking tags and other third-party scripts (and probably 4th party as well)
  • no performance testing of newly created landing pages
  • the rush to get promotions out the door.

The data goes on to provide insight into what is actually taking place, presenting charts to dive in to things like start render times, speed indices and other details.

The main takeaway? Mat plainly mentions companies should look at the entire marketing campaign development cycle: the people, processes, and tools then adds on supplimentary items which culminate in more measured deployment, as the very engament they seek could be slashed from poorly studied descisions, sideing with a speedy deployments over delivering a speedy sites. You can read the entire post for insights.

Performance testing should be mandatory for each release and should be considered a best practice before launching promotional pages. - [Mat Ball](Mat Ball)