Why Mobile Page Speed Is a Visual Designer's Problem

This is a statement that has oft been repeated, especially from a developer and or engineer's end, but not always grasped by designers. Jason Cohen, global technical lead at Google penned a quick piece outlining and listing the challenges, but also providing some solutions for clarity, and quotes.

"It is much more efficient to deliver something fast if it is part of the design criteria," - Hakan Nizam, director, global digital, E-commerce Centre of Excellence at L'Oréal.

Jason Cohen provides four tips to help with clearing the designing for performance hurdle:

  • Use speed performance budgets to guide decisions
  • Provide agency partners with speed criteria
  • Design for mobile technologies that are built with speed in mind
  • Embrace limitations

If we don't design within the medium's limitations, the result is a bad experience. - Jason Cohen.

A reminder to test our sites (which I firmly believe no one does, as whats currently online would not get deployed) which is how Jason concludes the write up, with firm reminder that designing for performance is not only possible, or real - but is unyielding in asserting it's necessity.

Four words: shrink, serve, simplify, and share. They embody the notion of mobile first - Pete Blackshaw, global head of digital and social media at Nestlé

You can read the entire post here for additional details.