500px Moves To Google's WebP Format

In the last year of discussing images learning as much as I present to others, there's one common thread that's undeniable: images are becoming the bane of many's existence.
It has been no secret that the strain on developers has been surpassed only by the burden imposed on the bandwidth and servers. Located in the back pages are the stats about images and their weight. The majority of the data traversing the net is image data - for now. So its with reason that anyone should always look at reducing that figure, and being that images are the biggest source of data, and could likely be the largest source of data savings. In came Google's WebP. Growing in use ever since it's 2010 introduction. More and more orgs are serving them for their reduced weight, simple sites to CDNs - lowering data AND costs.
Ripe for the savings are stock photo companies, and Toronto's 500px is one of them. Announced recently was their gradual switch to the newer format. Not much detail accompanied the announcement, but hope to get some soon.