Managing CSS & JS in an HTTP/2 World

A recent post coming via an engineer @ Viget talks about approaching asset management, specifically our favourite blocking resources, CSS and JS, in a network ecosystem that is making it's way to RFC7540 aka HTTP bis, bka HTTP/2.
Engineer Trevor Davis highlights the technologies they choose to employ, why and how, and the fact that HTTP/2's well regarded multiplexing feature is the reason for doing so. Essentially, the breakup of the blocking resource is dissected throughout the post, and how they created modules to address their needs, in a concise step for step guide.
Figures that HTTP/2 is still fresh on my mind, having finally read Learning HTTP/2 just days prior. HTTP/2 will certainly be awesome when adoption will be in full bloom, as at current the rate isn't that high. So we are still very much in a HTTP/1.1 environment. Is it coming? You bet, and you should certainly be ready for that transition - as there's nothing really stopping you to make the switch - as in fact, you should as multiplexing is one of many feature which will make things much more friendly to your users.
Nonetheless, you can read the complete piece here. via.