Squeezing PNG and JPEG Images by Ariya Hidayat @ Forward JS

Welcome to the continious campaign to communicate how the most prevalent internet assets actually works: images. We know the avg webpage is ~ 3MB. And of those MBs, 1.8 of them are made up of images. By those Http Archive standards, over 50% of the internet are actually images. Now, drilling down even more, of the 50 ish percent, 73% are made up of just PNGs and JPGs meaning that these 2 formats are a combined 39% of web data - on avg. So as the biggest form of data, comes the potential for the biggest data savings. In comes a great ForwardJS talk by Ariya Hidayat: Squeezing PNG and JPEG Images.
I have long been convinced that images have been a low hanging fruit in the performance space: neglected in the optimization but also in understanding. People will use images that visually work for them, when there is much more need to have a conversation around udnerstanding formats, how they work best AND art direction - like color.
Ariya dives in on the codecs, how they operates, showing us how even Taylor Swift could benefit from data compression. All this to give you a deeper understanding of the machinations of the compression and how the gears grind. A deep dive yes, and one that will leave you with better understanding how images format can work best for your projects - between the two most popuplar formats on the web.