A New Frontier for AMP: AMP in HTML Email (AMP Conference 2018) [VIDEO]

A New Frontier for AMP: AMP in HTML Email (AMP Conferennce 2018) [VIDEO]

The AMP Project, which has been around for just about 2 years, has made significant inroads. Originally set up for publishers and their need to deliver content quickly, they have now expanded to broader areas of the web. Love or hate it, the framework is being adopted by web practitioners, addressing the important issue of the slow mobile web, though not without some grave concerns from the community.

Today was Day 1 of the AMP Conference in Amsterdam -or- AMPsterdam, and the AMP team made one of the more interesting announcements: they will be tackling the email ecosystem.
Now, traditionally there hasn't been much regard for email and even less for their performance. The majority of email performance challenges lay in the management or lack there of around image assets. The focus of the AMP Project's entry into email was exclusively centred around interactivity. They will allow for the embedding of actual applications within the email, essentially creating dynamic emails.

Google Gmail PM Aakash Sahney invited speakers from Doodle, Booking.com and Pinterest to demonstrate how they plan to adopt AMP into their email marketing products.

In fact, quite a bit of the end of conference day panel Q&A was in regards to this very announcement. We're in the early stages, so there will be more questions than answers. You can read the announcement from Gmail [Nota bene: this Gmail link is 52MB due to their use of animated gifs]. You can also watch the actual talk below.